25 August 2011


Just thought I'd share some work in progress...
I'll be adding these to the website at some point...

3 dolls
They are going to be made from odd bits of material left over from other jobs, which means that they'll be in whatever wood comes to hand, and in lots of different sizes! The above ones are in fruitwood. Of course, if you'd like one turned specially (in boxwood perhaps?) to a certain size, then that can be catered for as well!

toys and games
Above is a selection of toys made previously for clients. I'm hoping to add a 17 century jointed doll to the set soon... although they'll need clothes making as I only do 'nudes' at the moment!

15 August 2011

More niddy noddy...

Handled and unhandled niddy noddy sets ...

... tops come off for storage

9 August 2011

Odd jobs...

A couple of odd jobs picked up in the last few days...

Roll-up, dyed leather chess/draughts board

10 inch square oak tapestry frame (outside dimension)

The chess board is made from 2mm veg tan leather which has been scorch marked and dyed. Alternative colourways are available, the above is a 12" board with 1 1/2" border in black. Prices start at £40

The oak tapestry frame is lap jointed and dowelled for rigidity, but light enough to hold comfortably. Currently made to order, but some stock may be available at the next market, if not earlier... Price from £15

8 August 2011

Niddy Noddy

Latest additions to our range of spinning equipment are 90cm (3 foot) distaffs (£15) and niddy noddies. 
The above picture shows a handled version in oak, but there will also be an unhandled (W10xH10inch) version to follow.  The handled version uses 12mm oak dowelling. Both are £35.
Drop spindle prices start from £6 depending on whether you would like a wooden whorl, or stone, or antler, or lead, or pewter, or anything else you can think of! They are supplied on a dowel shaft unless requested (I can turn versions in boxwood, or cherry, or....)

4 August 2011

Writing equipment

I had a commission recently to make a couple of penners, and as a result shall be adding these to my stock list. They are plain pieces, stamped versions may follow, although they will be waxed (the above are shown unwaxed). They are competitively priced at £30 each, and are supplied on a lucet woven cord. Silk braids may be available later... Other pieces shown are 6"/12" rulers, available with/without numbers (from £3), quills (from £1), boxwood paperknife (from £10), silver point pencils (from £8), brass pen (from £12). I also make lead plummets for ruling (£10 each, but currently sold out), parchment clips (£6 each), bone prickers similar to the silver point pencils (from £8), and occasionally (seasonally) oak gall ink kits. More items to follow...