18 April 2011

Spindle set with antler whorl

This is the final (hopefully!) form of the spindle set made earlier in the year for a client in America. Previously the shaft was too heavy, too long and bellied out in the middle which would have made removal of the spun material difficult. The shaft is now parallel, with a very slight curve outwards near the antler whorl. The whole shaft has also been shortened to 170mm giving a far more pleasing appearance and allowing the whorl to work well with the shaft. The remainder of the wood for the shaft was turned into half size versions of some of the Mary Rose beads on the principle of not wasting material!
Side view of boxwood and antler spindle set

End view of the spindle to show the rings on the whorl and the hook 

Tiny Mary Rose style boxwood beads made from the shaft off-cut

The spindle and beads - now safely delivered!
photo courtesy Kristen M. Hughes