13 January 2011

New Stock of Heart shaped flasks - the perfect gift for St Valentine's Day

Heart shaped mead flask made from leather boiled in beeswax.
Tied and hung on a leather thong, with an individual boxwood stopper.
Size: Approx 90mmH x 90mmW x 40mmD
Capacity... Small, but filled with love
Larger versions in pitched leather available on request

11 January 2011

Hand made brushes

Below is shown our current range of hand made bristle brushes. The handled brush at the rear is suitable for use as a clothing or fabric brush. In the middle is a large vegetable scrubbing brush. The small round brush at the front with a luceted cord is a copy of one recovered from the Mary Rose and dated to 1545. It was found with a boxwood framed razor. We hope to add tooth and paint brushes at some point in the future.
All bristles are sewn in and, the beech body is fixed with water resistant glue and dowels, with the exception of the shaving brush which is glued only.
Please contact me at pxman@hotmail.co.uk for prices and special commissions...