25 November 2010

Weaving Tablets

Following the interest at TORM in November, I have now added bone and leather weaving tablets to the already extensive range of boxwood tablets CrossmanCrafts are able to supply to the discerning weaver. Although only standard square ones are shown in the photograph, the leather tablets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes...

Hardened leather weaving tablets 38mm and 50mm

Bone weaving tablets 32mm

Our range of boxwood weaving tablets in 38mm and 50mm sizes
(other woods such as holly and hornbeam be may also be available)

2 November 2010

New domestic wares...

Following interest in the square trencher we have been making for some time (see below) we are now happy to add a copy of the round trencher found on the Mary Rose.
Square oak trencher (carved both side)

The round trencher is around 6 inches (or 150mm in new money) and will be cut from a variety of English woods, depending on availability. The example below is cut from maple.
Round maple trencher
The CrossmanCrafts trencher and the original in the Mary Rose collection
We hope to have a number of these trenchers for sale in the near future. Please contact us for details!